Browsers To Introduce Non-HTTPS Alerts

This is set to have a huge impact on millions of live websites… web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, will explicitly flag websites using non-secure HTTP connections. Those three browsers alone, by the way, make up for approximately 93.9% of desktop browser usage at the time of writing.

So does this apply to you? Probably, yes.

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New Website Developer!

It’s been a great first year at Twilo Towers. We’ve moved office (twice), expanded our client base to Europe and USA… and now we’ve taken on our first employee!

Twilo welcomes a talented website developer to work on all things techy, from bespoke websites to mobile applications, our knowledge continues to grow and the service we provide to our clients goes from strength to strength.

Google Mobile First Indexing

Since 1998, Google has been the premier search engine when it comes to desktop home computing. Google allows users to search the internet for any key phrase they can imagine, providing ranked results based on a combination of popularity and relevance.

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Digital Marketing Apprentice

Do you know the difference between your “your” and your “you’re”? Do you like to play on Facebook and look at fancy charts? Good news. We’re hiring! Twilo Creative is looking for a bright, enthusiastic Digital Marketing Apprentice to work on a range of exciting online marketing projects.

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UKFast Partner

As of Monday 24th October 2016, Twilo Creative Limited is pleased to announce a new partnership with the UK’s leading independent hosting provider to become a UKFast Partner.

Based in Manchester with a state-of-the-art ISO-accredited data centre dominating 30,000 sq ft of the city, UKFast is the UK’s largest privately owned hosting provider.

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Workplace by Facebook

Facebook launched its Workplace platform (formerly known as Facebook at Work) on 10th October 2016. So, what is workplace? Following several private trials, this compact business solution is now open to all kinds of companies, including not-for-profit organisations and educational establishments. It’s highly beneficial for workplace communication and for use within teams to enhance dialogue at any organisational level.

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New Technologies Shaping the Future of Online Marketing

Online marketing is very much influenced by progressive and thought provoking new technologies. The world of online marketing is constantly evolving with new technologies helping to shape this change. For example, the popularisation of social media plus the fact that we can now all access social media sites on our smartphones, has completely changed how online marketing is packaged and delivered to potential consumers.

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Simple Ways To Optimisation

A strong, well-managed digital presence is essential in today’s market, no matter what your business is. Increasingly, the web is the first port of call for potential customers. There are a number of factors that contribute to an effective web presence. We’ll focus here on one of the most important: search engine optimisation. Here are some simple ways to optimise your website. By no means a definitive list, but a nod in the right direction.

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