Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Sharing is Caring

A “little bird” told me Tweeting is just for famous people and kids, right? Wrong! Twitter is just one of the many Social Media platforms that help businesses to connect with their customers and prospects instantly, but most importantly directly, so it has the personal touch that consumers crave. It works incredibly effectively for many huge brands so it can work for your business too, provided you share content that’s useful and relevant to your users.​

This immediate communication engages with people in a very unique way and, through expert management, can be harnessed effectively for new business generation and customer retention.​

Social Media Channels

Twilo advise on the best choice of Social Media channels to target your audience and supply relevant and engaging content to attract new followers and retain them.

Through our guidance, your social presence will grow, providing a distinctive voice for your brand online through all, or a combination of the following:

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Social Media for SEO

Links shared on Twitter & Facebook can be used as a ranking signal in Google’s algorithm. By managing your business presence on Social Media you can have an increased influence (although never full control) of the presence of your brand. Controlling as much of the message and brand as possible is key to ensuring a positive signal is being sent to the Google bots in terms of how customers perceive your business, your brand value and how your business values their experience. Twilo use a combination of Social Media platform insights and premium SEO services as part of the Social Media Management offering in order to monitor and extend brand signals, reach and influence.


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Twilo do Social Media Management

  • Facebook management
  • Twitter management
  • Instagram management
  • YouTube management
  • Google+ management
  • Linkedin management

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The Rustic Arms

The Rustic Arms has been working with Twilo for the past few years. Twilo Designed our Website, run our Facebook and Twitter accounts which include successful promotions that have gained us many new customers.

A recent promotion reached almost a 1,000 shares and 800 clicks to our website and now we have over 4500 followers. Not bad for our country pub! Posts often reach thousands of people within a few miles of our location and on bonfire night a post reached nearly 25,000 people with no sponsorship.

Twilo are always on hand to update the website content and images and their team are always there to help in anyway; nothing is too much for them. We would highly recommend them to other businesses in the future as we have done in the past.

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