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ChatGPT VS Google Bard, which one will you use?

ChatGPT and Google Bard are two of the most popular large language models (LLMs), on the market. Both models can generate text, translate languages, and write different kinds of creative content. However, there are some key differences between the two models.

User experience at first glance

Google Bard is quite new and still, in an experimental mode, it seems to have a far superior interface compared to ChatGPT when it comes to being user-friendly. With Google Bard, you can easily chop and change your question which is displayed well to the user as a feature. However, with Chat GPT this feature is not clearly highlighted for you as a user, and could easily be missed that this is a service they provide.

While using Bard, compared to Chat GPT (free plan), it seems to have a faster response time. Although, this could be down to the number of users performing actions at a given time. At the moment, Google Bard is only accessible through a waiting list. This limits the number of people that can be using it at one given time; making it appear to be the faster of the two.

When asking questions on Bard, there is a feature where you can choose from 3 different drafts. These drafts are worded completely differently from each other, in different formats, and can display different information. This is a very handy tool when maybe the initial passage isn’t quite what you were looking for or if you want some additional information.

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Selling points for ChatGPT and Google Bard

ChatGPT is currently the industry standard when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) that enables natural language processing (NLP). This AI-powered technology can learn how to interact with humans by recognising the context of the conversation. It is designed to comprehend natural language and react appropriately to it, making it easier for users to talk to computers.

ChatGPT was backed by Microsoft in February 2023, it is a powerful tool and is capable of understanding complex sentences and contexts. Therefore, ChatGPT is better at generating and summarizing text. GPT can be a better choice if you are looking for a model that is good at generating text in a variety of formats. Google Bard, on the other hand, focuses more on surfacing relevant information to questions.

Bard has the ability to draw its information straight from the web using Google, this means it will always have the most up-to-date, real-time information. This makes Bard a more appealing, reliable option when it comes to fact-checking and knowledge after 2021. This is because GPT is trained on a dataset that was last updated in 2021 meaning it will give outdated or no information at all on the thing that has occurred past the year 2021.

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Bard with Google search and GPT with Bing

Google bard has the ability to source, up-to-date information straight from google and condense it into an easy-to-read format for the user, no matter how complex the question is. Google has already stated that they will be integrating Bard into Google Search. This will help distill complex information and contrasting perspectives into a much easier, digestible format for the user.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, with its backing from tech giant Microsoft, has already started to implement GPT-4 into Bing. This gives users a ChatGPT-like experience from the comfort of their search bar. This will help with more complicated and more detailed searches. This will give you the option to refine your searches so the user can get exactly what they are looking for, by asking for more details, clarity, and ideas.

Which generative Ai tool is best for you?

Overall, they are both great and powerful tools that can be used for all sorts of things from digital marketing and website development to getting more ideas about what to take on your fishing trip!

Nonetheless, If you are looking for a model that can provide comprehensive and up-to-date answers to your questions, as well as generate more complex and creative text formats, then Bard is the better choice.

However, ChatGPT is still a powerful language model, and it may be a better choice if you are looking for a model that can generate text in a variety of formats.