Fabulous February

Here's our end of month review for February...


I've gone through two Pukka Pads already this year!

It’s been a busy month working with the Strategic Business Growth Partnership, focusing on company finances and working with our accountant to implement changes which will help us plan better in the medium and long term.

I’ve met with a number of clients this month as I try to take myself out of the work and out on the road. We’ve taken on several new clients across various industries, which I think is one of the businesses key strengths; flexibility. It’s rare we get two clients from the same sector. Yet I’m often asked “what sectors do you work in”. I’m always confused by the question, I’ve probably been asked it five times this month alone. Why do we have to pigeon hole ourselves if we can be flexible enough to work across various sectors and for numerous target audiences? One of the most exciting aspect of Twilo is the variety of clients we work for.


This month we have had a few interesting and challenging projects coming through.

One of the more technical was a website that required micro-site functionality, this means that many people can login and change the look of the website for their section of this website. This is a very technical task as there are a few ways to do this, for example if you were to send some data to the server alongside each request telling the server which micro-site is being looked at you could modify the content accordingly. This also helps with the overall look and feel of the website as all micro-sites will share the same layouts and colours.

I have also been looking at some of the newer HTML5 API’s, the main on is the history API. This API gives you access to some of the browsers in built functionality, such as:

  1. Changing the URL Bar
  2. Cycling Back and Forwards in the browsers history
  3. Redirecting the browser

One use of this is for Single Page Applications as you can still use SEO Urls for each page without causing a page to reload.

Simon likes to make fires, here's what he's burnt this month...

Several Old Railway Sleepers

Joke of the Month

What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?

A stick


This month has been packed with new tasks to complete, I have created a new merchant centre accounts for client’s. February has also involved setting up new campaigns for clients in search, shopping and display.

Doing new campaigns for clients has given me a better understanding of what an ad needs to be like in terms of text and how it needs to be straight to the point and show exactly what the product or service is. If a company is trying to sell chocolate, the ads should explaining things such as the price of the products, the offers that are on, delivery so that the potential customers know that the product is for sale. If an ad goes into too much description of the product the users might think that it is a recipe.

I have also been getting more involved with the campaigns once they have gone live, I’ve been checking and adding keywords and negative keyword to improve the ads. Adding ad extensions to campaign is another way that I’ve been getting more involved and checking the stats of each campaign regularly.

Photo of the Month
An African Black Leopard has been photographed in Kenya for the first time in more than a century.
And to end, here's something cool we've seen this month...

The month of love has lived up to its name, a Chicago man spelled out “Marry Me” in the snow for his girlfriend to read. The message took 6 hours to do and the letters were 45 feet tall and 31 feet wide, his girlfriend had to be able to see it from the 37th floor window where she works. Of course she said yes to the loving gesture and we think it deserves the something cool section for the February blog.

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