Firewall Upgrade 1st May 2018

sirewall software update

Scheduled downtime due to server maintenance.

This process has now been completed successfully.

Dear clients, we are writing to inform you about a small amount of scheduled downtime on your account. This is due to a bug found in the firewall software that we use.

You may notice a very small amount of downtime due to the update, during which time your website and emails may stop working. All pay-per-click campaigns will be paused if the account is on our server therefore no click cost will be wasted. Your website and emails will work again once the server has restarted, you do not need to do anything and most likely will not notice when it happens.

Please see the original email below from our trusted hosting provider, UKFast.

We are emailing to inform you of a newly identified weakness in Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software installed on Cisco ASA firewalls. Your firewall requires an upgrade to mitigate any potential risk.

UKFast is dedicated to your internet security and protecting your valuable data which is why we are rolling this update out automatically. The update resolves the weakness, leaving your company fully protected and up to date.

What to do

If your business is running the Java-based ASDM to manage your firewall, or AnyConnect VPN with either SSL or IKEv2, your firewall needs updating.

Your firewall will require two updates to ensure you are running the latest firewall image. Your UKFast support team has already uploaded the first image to resolve this bug. All it takes now is for you to schedule your firewall to be restarted. Once this has been done, our team will work to load the next image on to the firewall which will provide the final fix to this bug and we will let you know when this has been done so you can restart your firewall again.

If you are running a redundant pair our automation will fail over the firewall before reloading to keep downtime if any to a minimum. If you are running a single firewall expect downtime between 5 and 10 minutes whilst the firewall is restarting.

We have made this as easy as possible for you and your business: please head over to your MyUKFast account and select when you wish to schedule your firewall restart. Once this update is complete, all functions will continue as normal.

You do not need to do anything, Twilo will take care of the upgrade and update this post once it is done.