Joyful January

Here's our end of month review for January...


It’s amazing to think we are one-twelfth of the way through the year already, and probably not one-twelfth of the way towards out goals!

There’s so much going on with Twilo at the moment around workload and growth, it’s probably our busiest period to date. One of my personal new year’s resolutions was to avoid the exact situation we are in now, where the workload can be overwhelming and consume all of your time. It has to be more manageable throughout and that’s something to tackle in Q1.

We have a mammoth task of putting TEN websites live this February. For an agency of our size that’s a huge challenge, and so with that in mind, my end of month review will need to be short and sweet, but I hope to be back here in four weeks to show you all of the projects we’ve been working on!


This month has been interesting as I’ve been spending my days split between two very different website projects. The first of these was a functional e-commerce website, selling fairly niche products to the construction industry. The second was the opposite, a unique design lead showcase website for a forward thinking architects studio.

Design is always important, whether it’s obvious or not. As much time and thought goes in to designing a e-commerce that works great, as goes in to developing a creative brief for a unique showcase website. The challenges for the e-commerce website was to develop a platform that steered customers to the products that were right for them. To achieve this we developed an easy order system that allowed customers to answer a few questions, and the website then recommends which products they will need. This, along with a comprehensive help area including videos and product data sheets, gives the customer all the information they need to make a purchase. We also created a infographic style video to use for marketing the website and it’s products (see above).

In contrast to this, the architects website had a completely different purpose. We were focussed on creating the right feeling for the users, we wanted something creative and unique, and a great user experience. We decided on a website that had it’s content split into slides, which you flick through by scrolling, and on top of this we had a parallel recent news area, which you can flick across to using the unique frame navigation. It’s quite hard to describe (as I am just finding out..!), but this gives the website a seamless feel. This was big technical challenge, as it included features I had never attempted before. It was a great opportunity to push myself, and I’m pleased with the results, and happily the client is too.

Joke of the Month

What do you call bears with no ears?



Throughout January I have been able to get more involved with client’s Google AdWords accounts and have been creating different types of ads for them to increase their conversions and then track the ads to see how they are doing and to see if any changes need to be made. I have also started using Facebook Ads Manager and have been creating Facebook ads for clients so that they can target people who shop using social media. I have also been continuing with the social media posts.


Since my last End Of Month paragraph I have also been shown how to create a Google Merchant Centre for clients, this allows a business’s products to be available to Google Shopping and other services, the Merchant Centre looked a little overwhelming at first but once I used it and wrote note it became pretty clear. In January, I have used it to create promotions for client’s January Sales.

Also since the last review, I had a training week in Leeds where I looked at Business Principles, the positives and negatives of businesses using social media to promote a product or service, the different channels that can help with digital marketing and how to plan valuable content based on what an audience searching habits are. How a digital marketing team should work in a business environment was also explained along with effective communication with colleagues and client’s.


This month I have been looking at some of our internal projects, such as our local staff intranet. While this may seem boring it has been a learning experience to see how web browsers handle large files and how these large files can be broken up into smaller uploads then reassembled on the server to improve upload speeds. I have also been looking at a frontend framework called VueJS, it is a way of quickly creating a single page application that easily binds data to html, there is a very good set of documentation and tutorials on their website:

I have also been looking at how Object Oriented Programming can be used to mimic functional programming vie the use of static methods and classes, these static methods allow you to wrap a function inside a “namespace” (class) in order to prevent the same function being created twice.
A function could be called array_merge()
Or using OOP:

These 2 functions could be the same but one is sometimes already defined by the language you are working in, without prior knowledge or good error reporting this can be a major headache. Using a class to wrap your functions can help to solve this problem.

Photo of the Month
We were't up at 5:30am to see the Blood Wolf Moon but the pictures are great.
And to end, here's something cool we've seen this month...

People from all around the world come to celebrate New Years Eve in London and this year was no different. Over 100,00 people attended the 2019 show where they saw 12,000 fireworks costing around £2.3 million explode over the River Thames. The fireworks lasted around 10 minutes allowing all the spectators to take it in and get some great photos.



Last year we saw an increase of humor in advertising, which I believe leaves us with a longer-lasting imprint. Funn…