Promoting Your Business Using Facebook

Promoting Your Business Using Facebook

Social media is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to promote your business.

Do you ever ask yourself ‘how would Facebook help my business’? There are many benefits of promoting your business using Facebook. It increases brand awareness, improves brand loyalty and studies have shown promoting this way is more likely to give higher conversion rates.

Business Account

To get all the advantages of using Facebook to promote your business you need to create a Facebook business account. Having a Facebook business account allows you to reach your target audience and use Facebook Insights. Insights is simple and easy to understand, it shows you the number of likes you have on the page, the number of people a post has reached, it shows demographic and geographic features and much more. If you need multiple people to have access to the page without them having to log in and out all the time then no to worry, a business account lets you add people as administrators. This allows them to make any changes to the page, add posts or other information and like other pages’ posts and images. If you’re having a busy day and worried you won’t have time or will forget to post something, business accounts let you schedule your posts so you’ll never ‘not have time’.


Now that we’ve got you thinking about Facebook, it’s time to explain what you can do to get people to see your page. Tagging is a major help because it adds value for your readers and it makes your post stand out by giving potential customers something to click on and learn further what your post is about. If you tag another business in your post, they might share it which means their followers/customers would see your post and if they’re interested they could become one of your customers too.

Hash Tagging

Hashtags DO work on Facebook and it’s important to use them if you want your posts to be seen by hundreds. Using hashtags creates conversation, they also allow people to find you easier as you write hashtags relating to what your post is about. For example, if your business is a Dog Groomers and you post a photo of a dog and a caption about its treatment and a call to action, you might hashtag the breed, the place of the groomers and something fun like ‘dog lover’. It’s ok to show your personality, you don’t have to be a robot! Using hashtags like these means whoever searches it might see your post and follow you and become a customer. Although hashtags are great, you mustn’t overuse them as they can often annoy followers/customers and make the business look desperate.

Boosting Option

The ‘Boost Post’ option that you can use on business accounts is a great way to promote your posts. It helps reach a wider target audience as it shows to people who aren’t already following you as a sponsored ad. It also allows you to target specific demographics. When you’ve boosted the post, you can look at Facebook Insights and it will show you the performance of the post.

Now you’ve seen some of the benefits of having a business account on Facebook, go and set one up! Reach new audiences with boosting posts, create conversations with a hashtag and keep a close eye on the account with the Insights. You’d be missing opportunities if you didn’t.