Super September

Twilo September 2019

Here's our end of month review for Super September...


Much my time of this month has been spent on the front end development of a unique e-commerce website, along with starting 2 new website designs which will overhaul our clients old websites.

September Development

September was quite on the development side for me, I designed a quirky e-commerce website – in line with our clients branding, and this month was spent bringing the designs to life, with lots of front end development. The website allows customers to buy unique hilarious cards and gifts, and also customise the message printed inside the cards. Our clients previous website was quite tricky to navigate – making it difficult for customers to quickly find specific cards. We restructured the categories to have a more logical structure, and implemented filtering and quick category drill downs, which give a much smoother user experience.

September Design

For one of the new websites I’ve been designing, the challenge was to overall their existing website, which the client felt was too dark and uninspiring. The client requested a bright, fresh, and clean design – allowing for a brighter user experience. We also felt the existing website was too text heavy with technical information, so another challenge was reducing this, being more economical with text, and using supporting imagery where possible.


I had the whole of September off for my wedding and honeymoon. I'm pleased to report that she did turn up and we tied the knot, and Dubai & Mauritius were incredible! I came back to find the team managed perfectly well without me and the building hadn't burned down, so here are a few snaps from the big day and a couple from while we were away...

Joke of the Month

Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his Scrabble letters on the road.

I asked him “What’s the word on the street?”


As mentioned in the previous blog of mine. I had new targets for each client. September was a month for me to push myself and create a template to work from for each account.

It’s about active changes throughout the day to hit certain targets with certain account. That’s what I’ve learned if I want to achieve these results.

Last month there was changes made to one of our E-commerce clients. These changes had a positive impact on the overall conversion rate in September. However now the new challenge for myself is to improve the conversion rate for users visiting from Paid search ads.

My goal is to consistently improve conversion rates for each account. I’m looking forward to the challenge, especially now that I have a better understanding of the patterns for the accounts.

Riddle of the Month:

What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?


Photo of the Month
September was the month of Wayne's wedding, all the Twilo Team would like to congratulate them!
And to end, here's something cool we've seen this month...

Sarah Thomas is the first person who has swam across the English Channel four times non-stop! Sarah completed treatment for breast cancer in 2018 and dedicated her swim to “all the survivors out there”.