The Importance Of Working Hard At School

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Twilo have had the pleasure of a Year 8/9 guest blogger from The Kings School in our midst today.

Whilst learning about using Social Media for Business, Charlie has also written a lovely piece about working hard at school. Quite apt on A-level results day and the week before GCSE results. Thanks Charlie and thanks to Lorna Blackett from the Business Growth Enabler Team at NatWest Business Banking.

Work experience student

Over to you, Charlie…

Working hard at school can lead you to different opportunities throughout your career path. Starting off getting good grades and carrying on that process can lead you to even bigger things.

What You’re Responsible for Throughout Your Time at School:

  • Leading your future
  • Creating your future
  • Ensuring that you succeed
  • Maintaining your excellence
  • Being confident and working effectively

Practice Makes Perfect

Throughout your time at school not everything is going to be simple, regardless of what you are doing. Practice always makes perfect. If you practice what you do, you’re more than likely going to achieve what you want. Meaning you’re going to get the GSCEs you want. Adding value to your school life makes everything ten times easier to you achieve what you want to do.

Every Little Thing Leads to Bigger Things

It doesn’t matter if it’s the little things that get you to achieve good grades, because over the years it will lead to opportunities unfolding and success that you didn’t thing you could have. Of course there’s more than one reason why it’s important to work hard:

  • It will bring you new opportunities
  • It will draw the right attention
  • It builds character
Looking at the Future

As you carry on at school getting more and more focused on your future, things might need to change, so always started off as focused as you can. Achieving excellent grades throughout your time at school can lead you to bigger and better colleges and universities. Working hard can lead to the things you ‘want to do’, not want you’ve ‘got to do’ to carry on your future.

Do What You Want To Do

Starting off at a job that you enjoy makes life so much easier than starting a job that you’ve had to do because you didn’t get the GSCEs or A-Levels that you wanted.

It’s not what other people think of you now it’s what you want to do in the future, so believe and achieve.

What a great line to sign-off on. We hope you enjoyed your time with us Charlie!