The Power Of DALL-E In Design

Does the AI take over begin with making designers redundant?

10 years ago, AI in design wasn’t in anyone’s thoughts, certainly not mine. The idea of AI creating a legible image from a sentence is mind boggling. Just a few sentences in DALL-E can create some amazing artwork that make you look twice when you realise that it was created from a few word prompts.

What is DALL-E?

DALL-E was created by OpenAI, and creates original artwork and images using just a few words. In theory, the more detail you give DALL-E, the better quality images you will get. You can even ask DALL-E to give your image a certain style, if you want your image to have an illustrative look i.e oil painting, it can do that for you. 

Uses For DALL-E

DALL-E is an awesome tool for marketing agencies and creatives, as it could seriously cut down time spent searching for the perfect stock image. It is also a great tool for visualising a variety of different concepts for things such as products, branding and even signage to give you a better idea of how it may look.

A brain with various image assets around it demonstrating AI in design

DALL-E In Video

DALL-E has also been used in video along with a few other AI tools. Karen X, Cheng used the program for a project to generate some fashion examples and compiled them into a short video on Twitter! By using DALL-E to create the clothes, along with a few other programs to help with the video, she created quite an impressive showcase of what it could do.

Implications For Design

One of the main concerns for DALL-E is replacing human designers, but I think we’re still a while away from that before the AI overlords take over!

Yes, DALL-E will be able to help businesses cut down on time, and even costs in looking for the designs they may need. This lead to the question, why have a designer If they can get everything they need through an AI search, why would they come to a design company?


AI struggles convey emotions and understand context. For example, you might ask DALL-E to create a logo for a food stall but it might end up giving you a bunch of random things to do with food or generic logos as its creative attempts are restricted to the data sets it is trained on.

Simply put, it cannot cover everything accurately.

A digital designer robot typing in front of a computer screen.

Final Thoughts on AI In Design

I personally feel AI will be great for designers. Do I think it will replace human designers? No, not at all. If anything, I feel it will provide designers with a powerful tool to reduce the amount of time deliberating in front of a screen and help create multiple concepts within a few minutes or even seconds.

If you have a design requirement that needs that human touch, make sure to get in touch!