Congratulations On Your Promotion, Jake!

Jake receiving his promotion

It's a day of Champagne and Celebrations for Jake!

Today we’re celebrating Jake’s promotion to Marketing Manager. After 18 months of working hard towards this goal, Jake has shown great commitment to furthering himself and the business. Here’s what Wayne, and the main man Jake, had to say…

At the time we recruited Jake, we were looking for a candidate who was looking to progress their career from a mid to a senior level. Jake ticked many of the boxes we were looking for in terms of having lower-level managerial experience, as well as hands-on expertise across Google Ads, SEO, social media and email marketing.

Since Jake joined Twilo he’s become a valuable and respected member of the team, often supporting me with project management, client liaison and the development of the marketing strategy and team. This extends to our service offering, and Jake has been a key part of our ongoing “Growth 40” project, where we have set a lofty target of growing the business by 40% in the current financial year.

Jake has shown dedication to completing projects, achieving KPIs and upholding company standards.

For these reasons, I’m delighted to promote Jake to the position of Marketing Manager, and look forward to seeing his development continue with Twilo, particularly with the challenge of fulfilling his new roles and responsibilities, and the step up.

Wayne Ellison, Director

Leaving a job where you’re comfortable to move onto pastures new is an experience which can be a little nerve-racking. It’s natural. It’s somewhere new, you’ve got to prove yourself again, you don’t know the people, the routine. It’s new. When I joined Twilo this certainly wasn’t an exception. However, what I suspected during my interview was quickly proven right. Twilo wasn’t just another digital agency, it was something quite a bit more. An agency which looks to support businesses in all endeavours, but equally, an agency that champions the importance of its staff. Looking to develop and bring them on.
In essence growing the careers of the staff in the same way we look to grow the clients we work with. For that to happen, you need the right people. People who want to be there and want to progress, people who are eager to learn but also have a lot to offer. A broad, sweeping statement, granted, but an accurate assessment of the calibre of people we have at Twilo!
I’m privileged to work with a talented, motivated group of individuals – all pulling in the same direction. 
Personally, I’ve not only taken great pride in driving successful marketing strategies for our clients but being heavily involved in Twilo’s internal growth project. It’s why we do what we do isn’t it? To see these tangible successes. Aside from this, I’ve learned a lot in a relatively short space of time. I’ve found I’ve become more commercially aware whilst also learning the nuances of managing a team of very different skillsets and personalities all in a fast paced environment. It’s certainly a rewarding aspect of the job for me.
I’m particularly looking forward to further growing with the team and the company. Onwards and upwards.

Jake, Marketing Manager