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Creative Media

There is a talk a lot about ‘content’ and ‘SEO’ being vital parts of any website structure in order for it to perform well, that IS correct, but look at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Not many people know how it was painted, they just look at the pictures and bask in its beauty.

The same goes for your website, people are attracted to things that are pleasing to the eye and will keep coming back. This ‘painting effect’ works hand in hand with the ‘SEO’ and ‘content’ structure to make the entire user experience a memorable one.

‘What is Creative Media?’

I hear you ask…… well it’s simple really, it’s anything you see. The photograph of the product you want to sell, the company introduction video you just watched, the banner image you clicked on, etc. All these elements are what are considered to be ‘Creative Media.’

All the imagery, video, product photography and editing is done by our in-house team at Twilo. This gives you the confidence that every step of the website construction and marketing is done to the same high standard to achieve the best possible results.


Creative Media


Our filming and photography are carried out with market leading technology to ensure the quality of the output is of the highest standard.

We use in-house editing software which exports all images and film in the highest formats and web safe formats possible. Our extensive archive of soundtracks has everything to suit every project, from classical music to dance music and everything in-between.

We work closely with you to make sure you have as much input as possible and keep you updated with progress and edits that are ready to be viewed.

Film Reel


Once we have tinkered with your images, edited your film and listened to your chosen soundtrack a million times, we can upload all media content for you to save you from getting confused and stressed over #hashtags, keywords, video formats etc.

It’s great having an all singing, all dancing video for your website, but this content needs to be optimised to ensure you are found across the internet for the right search terms. Again, our in house team will take care of this for you.

Basically, tell us what you want and we will deliver.

youtube video optimisation

Creative Media Services

Johnson’s Toffee & Fudge

We wanted to give our website a new look and feel and decided to get some new photos. Before the photo shoot took place the guys from Twilo advised on the setting out and the different types of props we needed for the look we were trying to achieve. Their photographer popped down with a smart looking camera and lighting. They proceeded to take lots of different photos using our products and the props, together achieving some great looking photos that really enhanced our products. We are really pleased with the results, the fast and professional service and not to mention the increase in conversions on our website!

Business Owner