Home & Comforts

The Brief

Home & Comforts provide a link between homeowners who have made an insurance claim on their house insurance, and approved retailers who can provide replacement furniture and flooring. They came to Twilo for a more modern website, with a new retailer search area. As well as a retailer search, there was also a retailer invite system, which sent emails to new retailers, with links for them to sign up for a listing on Home & Comforts website.

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The Challenge

Home & Comforts had not updated their website for a number of years, and it had become outdated. Twilo were asked to bring things up to date, with an updated brand and new website. As well as a more modern design, the new website also required a custom built ‘Retailer Finder’, which is a way for customers to search Home & Comforts retailer database.

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Retailer Search

The new website was built around the new retailer search function, which displays a list of nearby retailers after a postcode search. As well as displaying the retailers on a map, we allowed the user to move around the map and re-do the search in that area, creating a great user experience. The retailers are ordered by distance, with an adjustable radius, and we also built in a feature to allow premium listings to be shown first.

Retailer Invites

Home & Comforts also asked Twilo to design a system to allow new retailers to join their listing service. We created a system which allowed automated email invitations to be sent to retailers, with a unique link which took them to a secure form on the website, where they could choose their subscription type, and enter their information. We integrated a payment system do that retailers who selected the premium listing could pay at the time of subscribing, and this also set up an annual recurring payment.

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