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Twilo were consulted to improve the quality of lead generation through PPC and Search Engine Optimisation. Whilst FDH previously received many “leads” the quality was not always consistent to the company’s targets. Twilo set out to improve the quality of the leads, which would undoubtedly reduce the quantity by focussing on the reach, message, landing page experience and subsequent user journey.


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Content Gold

Twilo unearthed hidden gems not previously being used for digital marketing or SEO – Saffron product videos. Embedding these correctly from YouTube added a huge amount of quality organic traffic and over a third of people that saw an ad viewed 100% of each video. Over 80 thousand views of videos in less than 6 months with conversions coming directly from video views, as well as earned views, subscribers and likes! Ad text was given the Twilo streamlining treatment and the message brought ‘on brand’ and also relevant to the targeted landing page with clear calls to action.

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Previously on FDH

Conversions were heavily reliant on a single product landing page. Almost half of the conversions were coming from there, meaning that if users didn’t get to this page they were less likely to convert elsewhere on the site. It’s like a team relying heavily on one striker scoring all the teams goals. Page loading times were slow and site-wide metrics were poor meaning overall SERP position was low and ‘visibility’ with very few search enquiries resulting in page one positions.

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Enter Twilo

  • ‘Visibility’ has increased to 8.5% outstripping direct competitors by over 1000%.
  • Conversions are now coming from other landing pages on the site with “contact us” increasing by almost 3 percentage points.
  • Twilo have created a squad of pages being more capable of converting in their own right – this more equitable distribution of conversions is testament to overhauling pages and enhancing the UX.
  • The homepage has seen an increase in goal completions of over 4 ½ percentage points by optimising html markup, images and page loading speed – some of the major elements Google use to rank for SEO.
  • Cost per click has been more than halved and whilst the cost per lead has only fallen by a single figure percentile, the quality of leads has improved ten fold.
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Saffron Catering Software

Prior to engaging Twilo we were increasingly aware that the investment being made was not achieving our objectives. Whilst the level of conversions was satisfactory the quality of the leads being received were not of the quality or substance we required and were becoming increasingly expensive; a situation that was untenable.

Following an initial meeting the Twilo team completed a review of our digital presence and once this was completed they identified a number of keys actions that needed to be taken to raise our visibility in target markets, enhance the level of engagement and improve the return on investment for our marketing budget.

Twilo completed an extensive overhaul of our SEO approach, which has resulted in a reformatting of our current website and a distinct enhancement of the lead quality being received, notably from a number of blue chip organisations in our target market. Financially this has also reduced the cost per lead acquired due to an increase in the organic leads received and less reliance on PPC as our predominant lead source.

Our website has also benefitted with the input from Twilo with a reformatting of a number of pages that has improved how Google view our site and a subsequent rise in our Google ranking. Previously hindering aspects such as page load speed and connections have been addressed resulting in our bounce rate falling by over 40%.

One key page, that is key to early client engagement, now loads in 10% of the time of the old format with the media now being easily accessible and industry relevant and business challenge content being consumed by our target clients. Initial results show organic click-through rates have increased in excess of 700% with an increasing number of qualified leads originating from this page.

As a result of the success achieved from our initial, narrow, brief with Twilo we have commissioned further work including the production of a new suite of corporate videos, further development of our website and continued online promotion.

Head of Sales & Marketing

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