A Brief Look At AI in Marketing, Development & Design

a hand reaching out to touch an ai button

As AI comes on leaps and bounds, we take a look at some of the innovative programs out there.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is increasingly being used in design & marketing to augment and automate various tasks and other processes, helping speed the process of content creation.

A great benefit is that AI-powered tools can help designers generate ideas and visualise concepts. Whilst with marketers it can help, amongst a great many other things, with engaging titles and copy.

A few months ago we talked about DALL-E 2’s involvement in design. DALLE-E 2 is an AI tool, created by Open AI, it can create realistic images and art from either a simple or detailed description. More recently, Open AI also released the industry rocking ChatGPT, a chat based AI taking the world by storm. Just these two AI applications alone are enough to shake up how we work.

It’s no secret AI’s involvement is getting more and more prominent, people are certainly sold on the idea of AI assisted help. We’re constantly seeing new and more impressive forms of AI programs being developed.

Interactive Screenshots & Sketches

Yes! With the help of Uizard, an AI tool created to help out with the prototyping process. It is able to transform simple screenshots and sketches, into editable designs! Granted, not as powerful as the dedicated prototyping software out there such as Figma and Adobe XD but impressive nevertheless!

I could see this being an incredibly powerful asset for non-designers & developers or for people who just want a quick idea of how their wireframing might work.

uizard ai interface

This is the first iteration of AI prototyping I’ve seen but how long will be until we see this being baked into more widespread programs? Imagine if Adobe Illustrator could use the power of AI and turn your homepage design into a working prototype at the click of a button!

Maybe one day when someone develops a plugin and Adobe buys it…

A Copywriters’s Best Friend

Writing great content can be more difficult than it seems, especially if you struggle with producing engaging copy. Luckily now there are plenty of tools to help out with the writing process.

Jasper is a generative AI platform that can help alleviate some of the issues when creating social media, blog and website content. What makes this software so desirable is that it can help save a bunch of precious time when needing to write multiple posts for various brands and businesses. Another great benefit of Jasper is it’s available as a Chrome extension, allowing you to quickly access the power of AI! It’s all about that ease of access!

Jasper logo

AI tools like Jasper being built directly into platforms is something I could see being the norm in the future. This is not too dissimilar to how spellchecker was seen in the 90s; only a few platforms had a spellchecker but now it’s everywhere!

Although it’s a useful tool, it is just that, a tool. We will always need that human element, AI applications like Jasper aren’t quite in the position to overtake a talented human copywriter; it can help them break through the dreaded writer’s block though.

Future Of Video With AI

One of the craziest things I saw recently was someone creating a home video using only basic household props and AI to create a stylised video that looks like a 2D animation. The AI uses the concept art he created as a reference and the final outcome is mindblowing!

I could see this sort of technology being extremely useful for filmmakers as it allows them to better visualise the final outcome from initial concept art. Perhaps this could even replace the animatic step of the video creation process!

What’s Next With Ai?

With the speed at that AI is improving and finding its way into our lives, how long is it until we regularly start to see AI with the power of ChatGPT being integrated into our homes or workplaces?

We’ve got devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, but that’s not even nearly at the same level as some of the programs discussed in this blog. Imagine being able to ask how to cook a particular dish and it tells you step-by-step, or technicians being able to ask a question and receive an answer immediately, no clicking around a search engine results page.

Something that was once seen as science fiction could soon become a reality