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Far too much time has been spent deliberating about a new website. As a company specialising in website design and development, our own website should really be the best out there. It needs to be cutting edge, all bells and whistles, a real showcase to show potential new clients exactly what we are capable of.

Or should it?

The problem we face, probably the same problem many website design agencies face, is not having the time to work on your own projects while busy with fee-earning work. Much like you’d probably expect a plumber to have a well fitted bathroom, when in reality they probably neglect it because they are always on the tools at other people’s properties.

So, after careful consideration it was decided that we desperately need to remove the holding page that we’ve had for so long – almost a year in fact – and replace it with something a bit better, even if it isn’t the website we want.

The result is the website you are on now. A ‘lite’ version of what’s to come, if you like. Now visitors to our domain have a little more to look at than a few words, a couple of images and a contact form. We will keep this website up-to-date with recent projects and news, while in the long run we will be working on that ‘all singing, all dancing’ website we so crave.

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