The Brief

Brewpac were referred to us after they had embarked on an ecommerce PPC journey that did not bear the fruit they required. Twilo were asked to design an AdWords shopping campaign for ecommerce, a brand campaign and also a lead generation campaign.

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Improved Click Through Rate


Lower Cost Per Click


Improved ROI


No Pain No Gain

It was necessary to take a step back and start again, which can often be initially painful in terms of quality score and cost per click, but short term sacrifice for long term gain was needed. The merchant centre data feed was organised in AdWords to represent the categorisation and product groupings on the website, and further segmenting retail and wholesale campaigns to avoid cannibalisation of budgets and easier management of negative keywords. It’s not quite as simple as ‘putting eggs at the back of the store’ to force navigation, but Ecommerce is no different than high street retail in the respect that organising the store in an organised format helps the customer journey flow and the basket spend increase.

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New Search (& Rescue) Campaigns

  • CTR  has increased 980%
  • CPC  has reduced by 16%
  • Cost per conversion reduced by 52%
  • Conversion rate has doubled
  • AdWords ROI has increased 335%
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New Shopping Campaigns

  • CTR increased by 10%
  • CPC decreased by 38%
  • Cost per conversion is 16% of the previous cost
  • Conversion rate has rocketed more than 4 times the previous rate
  • PPC as % of turnover has reduced by more than 60%
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